San Diego Cemetery vandalized

More than 200 headstones were overturned at the San Diego Cemetery.
Many statues were broken.
Photo by KIII TV 3 News

In an unbelievable act of vandalism, more than 200 gravestones were toppled over or broken at the San Diego Cemetery during the night between Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21. According the the latest news accounts, San Diego police have no idea who may have perpetrated this crime and are asking residents to come forward and file complaints if damage was done to a loved one's headstone.

One individual from Corpus Christi that went to San Diego to check on his family's graves said that the damage was extensive and it appeared that the vandals had focused on graves along cemetery streets and on larger gravestones.

You can see an initial reports from KII TV 3 News and the Alice-Echo-News-Journal, as well as some photographs in the following links.

KIII 3 News

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