Una Injusticia En Duval

The Botas and Guaraches continued to be active for some time in Duval County. It should be noted that this movement was not peculiar to Duval County. Similar parties existed in Webb and Zapata Counties and perhaps others.

In 1912, a significant event occurred in Duval County in which three Anglos shut and killed three Mexican Americans outside the courthouse. Many attribute this incident to the birth of the Parr machine.

The Botas and Guaraches were probably no longer active, but the Conjunto La Suerte De Sam Y Martina recorded a corridor entitled “Una Injusticia En Duval”, which relates the events of 1912 and attributed them to the Botas and Guaraches. This is probably a stretch but the depiction of events is generally in keeping with history and the song is entertaining.

The song is available from Amazon for 89¢ and it is well worth it. Thanks to Armando Gonzalez for putting me on to this corridor.