Parr wins first election in Duval County in 1896

Weather reports from Duval County were mixed, as 1894 got underway. One report had hundreds going hungry because of the drought that had persisted for six years. Folks in Concepcion were reportedly being helped by a relief agency from the Rio Grande valley.

On the other hand, the New York Times reported that the county had made history for having produced the first bale of cotton for the year. The bale arrived in New York on July 2 after being shipped from Houston the week before. It weighed 608 pounds, but the Times did not have the name of the farmer who produced the record bale. 

Results of the county election in 1894 yielded a new county judge named S. H. Woods. Other officials elected included, William A. Tinney , County and District Clerk; Charles L. Coyner, County Attorney; George Bodet, County Treasurer; Gunter, County Treasurer; John Buckley, Sheriff and Tax Collector; and Pedro Eznal, Assessor of Taxes. 

Precinct officers elected included, G. D. Garcia, County Commissioner Pct. 1 in San Diego; Charles F. Stillman, County Commissioner Pct. 2 in Concepcion; F. K. Ridder, County Commissioner Pct. 3, also from San Diego; and William Hebbron, County Commissioner Pct. 4 in Pena. James T. Mount was elected Justice of the Peace in Pct. 1, as was Tomas Romano in Pct. 2 in Benavides; and W. G. Dies, for Pct. 5 in La Rosita. Constables elected were C. Oliveira in Pct. 2 for Benavides and Antonio Rangel for Pct. 5. The state‚Äôs election report suggests that Dies did not qualify and the names of Oliveira and Rangel were scratched off the list. 

Two years later, in 1896, a new slate of officers was elected. Coyner was elected County Judge and B. Coopwood Jr. replaced him as County Attorney. Coopwood resigned six months into his term. Julian Palacios was elected County Treasurer and M. Corrigan won the race for Sheriff. Arturo D. Garcia was elected Assessor of Taxes. 

Ridder and Hebbron were returned to the commissioners court, but other new members of the commissioners court, in addition of Judge Coyner, were Charles Hoffman as Commissioner for Pct. 1 in San Diego and Archie Parr as Commissioner for Pct. 2 in Benavides. The election marked the entry of Parr into the Duval County political scene. Other precinct officers elected included, James Mount, JP Pct. 1; Hays Dix, JP Pct. 2; Manuel G. Diaz, JP Pct. 5; and Jahn Larcade, Constable Pct. 1. Former County Judge Woods was promoted to District Attorney, defeating A. C. Hamilton, 677 votes to 530.