Issues of county organization continue to occupy commissioners court in 1877

One year after its formal organization and first election, Duval County officials continued to wrestle with a number of issues concerning the new endeavor. Taxes, roads and public buildings were on the agenda for the commissioners December term.

The court added to members to the newly appointed courthouse and jail committee. Charles Sullivan and William Hubbard joined County Judge James Luby, N. G. Collins and P. A. Matteson on the committee, which the court empowered to develop plans and specifications and to enter into a contract with the “lowest and best bidder.”

The cost for the courthouse building was not to exceed $4,000 and the jail was to be no more than $2,500. The court also accepted the donation made by N. G. Collins of San Diego town lots in which to build the new courthouse and jail. They directed Judge James Luby to prepare the documents needed to complete the deed transfer.

The court also continued to deal with transferring funds and documents from Nueces County to Duval County. They ordered County Treasurer Charles Hoffman to contact his Nueces County counterpart and request that the parent county transfer any school funds in its treasury to Hoffman.

The commissioners court also saw a need to appoint five-men juries of viewers to deal with the continued issue of road development. The role of these committees was to “obtain the assent and signatures of all persons through whose lands any roads may pass.”

The court appointed a committee for each precinct. Serving on the committee for Precinct 1 were Charles Hoffman, Theodore Lamberton, Jose M. G. Trevino, Claude Tiblier and E. Garcia Perez. The Precinct 2 committee consisted of Isidro Benavides, Jose Maria Sanes (mostly likely this is a misspelling of Saenz), E. A. Glover, Tiburcio Salinas and Juan Sanes.

The five viewers in Precinct 3 included E. N. Gray, Jesus Maria Palacios, Charles Stillman, Francisco Cadena and Eduardo G. Hinojosa. Precinct 4 committee members were Richard Jordan (?), Jesus Saens, Santos Balderas, Edward Caldwell and George Alanis.

In a related matter, the court ordered that a Class 3 road be built from La Gloria Ranch to Concepcion via La Rosita at the upper end and via Rancho of Juan Salinas, Piedras Pintas and Los Indios at the lower end.