Democrat “regulars” accuse bolters of being Republicans, bolsters and mugwumps

In June 1886 Duval Democrats had a falling out with some of them bolting the county convention and holding their own confab at the schoolhouse. The “regulars” remained at the County Courthouse for their convention.

County Chairman John Dix explained that the reason for the get-together was to name delegates to the Democratic state convention in Galveston, the 7th Congressional District Convention in Victoria, the 27th Senatorial District Convention in Cotulla and the 83rd Representative Convention that had not yet been scheduled.

When E. N. Gray and the rest of the protesters walked out, those who stayed at the Courthouse cheered their departure with shouts of “get out you mugwumps” and “bolter, Republicans and traitors.” Ironically, mugwumps were Republicans who supported Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland for president two years before.

Dix named John D. Cleary temporary secretary and appointed E. A. Gallagher, F. C. Gravis, W. H. Simmons to the committee of permanent organization. Dix also named a committee of basis of representation that included C. L. Coyner, R. B. Glover and L. P. Bryant and a resolutions committee consisting of George H. Reynolds, Tomas Ramon and Bryant.

Dix certified R. B. Glover, M. L. Valverde, E. A. Glover, Tomas Ramon, Comele G. Ramirez, W. H. Simmons, G. H. Reynolds, Bryant, Cleary, G. S. Gunter, F. C. Gravis, L. L. Wright, C. K. Gravis, J. W. Shaw and himself as delegates. Representation was based on one vote to 20 votes cast for Democratic governor with San Diego, Pct. 1 having 177 votes and entitled to nine convention votes; Benavides, Pct. 2, 153 votes and eight convention votes; Concepcion, Pct. 3, 58 votes and three convention votes; Peña, Pct. 4, two votes and no convention votes; and Rosita, Pct. 5, 68 votes and three convention votes.

The convention made Dix permanent chairman and Cleary permanent secretary. They adopted a resolution denouncing the bolters and named delegates to the various conventions. Selected to go to the state convention were E. A. Glover and C. G. Ramirez with Bryant as alternate. C. K. Gravis and J. W. Shaw were named delegates to the congressional convention; L. L. Wright and F. C. Gravis to the senatorial convention; and Wright, Cleary, Coyner, J. H. Reynolds, W. H. Simmons, F. C. Gravis, R. B. Glover and Ramon were picked to attend the representative convention.

Finally, the Executive Committee was composed of Dix, Cleary, Bryant (Pct. 1), E. A. Glover (Pct. 2), O. S. Watson (Pct. 3), C. E. Bownes (Pct. 4) and Agustine Cantu (Pct. 5).