Parr on the move as the twentieth century opens

In the first year of the twentieth century, two new churches were planned for San Diego. Episcopalians broke ground for a $4,000 church that would honor the memory of Professor and Mrs. Henry Croft. The Methodists also bought a lot close to courthouse to build a church of stone.

On the economic front, Vicente Salazar who operated a business in Concepcion was planning to move his family to San Diego and bought the Rosales store to move his business. Out in the countryside, meanwhile, the group of Chittim, Parr, and Driscoll bought the 38,000-acre Stillman Ranch, formerly the Gray Ranch, along with the livestock. C. M. Robinson continued to manage it.

In the social scene, San Diego public school principal Huffors organized a literary and debating society. The Pastime Club put on a good show in Laredo and won accolades from the Laredo Daily Times, the Alice Reporter, and Laredo Times. Club members traveled to Corpus Christi by train to perform at Market Hall. W. W. McCampbell, Duval County attorney, also traveled to the city by the sea to visit with relatives. Mrs. Kate Luby Feuille of New Orleans was visiting for the summer with her sons, Judge James O. Luby and attorney Frank Feuille.

On the political front, the Duval County Democratic Convention endorsed the state administration. County chairman Archie Parr called the convention to order and the attendees elected J. W. Shaw chairman pro tem. They also selected John D. Cleary and F. K. Ridder delegates to the state nominating convention and Cleary, Parr, and Ridder as delegates to the state convention in Austin who would elect delegates to the national convention. Duval Democrats sent Parr, Shaw, 
George Parr born March 1, 1900.
McCampbell, Cleary, and Manuel Rogers to the Congressional Convention.

The convention sent C. Hoffman, Cleary, Pedro Eznal, Parr, S. H. Woods, and Robinson to the senatorial convention. Selected to go to the state representative convention were Ridder, C. K. Gravis, S. R. Peters, Parr, W. B. Hubbard, Hayes Dix, W. F. Van Norte, P. P. Price, and Shaw. Precinct chairmen were: Woods for Precinct # 1; Peters, Precinct # 2; S. L. Navarro, Precinct # 3; H. W. Garrett, Precinct # 4; Ridder, Precinct # 5; and J. A. Vinning, Precinct # 6. The convention elected Shaw county chairman for a two-year term. They also adopted a resolution asking that Duval County be placed in the Corpus Christi judicial district.

It was clear that as the century opened Archie Parr was clearly on the path to establishing a political dynasty; in March he added an important element to his political future when his wife gave birth to a son named George on March 1.